Digital Transformation

Insoft designs and delivers IT solutions that help the public sector and private entities keep pace in the digital age.

Migrating most of your work online and transforming to digital is no easy task for large organizations with numerous clients and data. Automating complex processes that lie at the heart of such organizations requires unique and tailored solutions.

Our extensive background in providing digital transformation services to local and national governments, as well as corporate and private clients, makes us experts in helping organizations keep up with technological progress and ever rising expectations from the customers.

Our digital transformation services are guaranteed to help you

Cut Costs

Efficient digital platforms and top level support saves your time and reduce expenses

Grow Revenue

Transforming service delivery and using technology smartly helps you maximize your income

Enhance Service

Accessibility and automation make your services user-friendly and engaging

Add Transparency

Verified solutions turn your work into a digitalized process with reporting and evaluation features

We guide

We stay with our clients throughout the transformation process, putting to action our experience and understanding gained from years of trial and error in the field.

We listen

Your needs are the cornerstone for us to develop and implement the perfectly tailored solutions that will bring value in both short term and long term perspectives.

We audit

Analysing your current situation and processes helps us detect the problem areas that impede your success and performance, so you can target the issues you know about, as well as those you never considered before.

We plan

Careful management allows the changes to be easily applied, controlled and measured to make sure the transformation is as light and smart as it gets.

We implement

We perform every action in the transformation plans – step-by-step, devoting our entire technology and change management expertise for the result that exceeds expectations.

Asserte Suite


From simple web content and web forms to complex process-driven personalized applications – Asserte Suite will augment your systems with new features while making the change painless and controllable.

Asserte Suite Features and Benefits

User identification and authorization module provides means to reliably monitor user activity. It can be integrated with 3rd party providers, social networks, legacy systems. Asserte Suite also features user role delegation component which enables users to act in the name of other person.

A payment protocol that allows making online transactions within the Asserte Suite environment.

Business Process Modelling Environment - enables e-service building without advanced programming skills

Enterprise Service Bus - enables interaction with external or existing internal systems. No matter what language and protocols your system is using - chances are that ESB will be able to handle that. With a handful of adapters ready ESB can interact with many existing systems.

Reporting component enables simple and informative reports to get the vital business information at a glance.

A convenient Service Management System allows process consolidation, searching through ongoing processes and monitoring their status.

Asserte Suite can be hosted as a cloud service or be installed on site.

One Stop Shop
Create a universal access point for consolidated public services – make them available any time, from anywhere, using any device, easy to use for all your customers, even those with disabilities.

Flexibility and Speed
Save time and adapt to business changes quickly – visually create, change, test and deploy online applications in minutes, right from a web browser, without affecting your currently published version.

Reduced Costs
Spend less on design and maintenance– create online applications and implement changes to them without needing to involve the technical personnel.

API interfaces and embeddable iFrames
Host your eServices in your domain via API interfaces provided or as an embeddable iFrame with your chosen Theme.

End-user convenience
Make using your services as simple as possible – localize them to allow customers choosing the preferred language, provide live validation to assist them in filling the forms correctly.