Public Sector

We are proud of our solid partnership with the Central Government and Local Government institutions. The projects we implemented working hand in hand with professionals from a variety of ministries, national departments and municipalities gave us priceless experience in creating, delivering and improving highly complex IT solutions.

Central Government

We provide a full spectrum of digital transformation and managed services to help state institutions and public entities meet the challenges involved in developing, maintaining and upgrading their IT systems.

We have been growing as a reliable partner and IT solution provider for Central Government since 2008, and we continue to focus on creating and implementing innovative, cost-saving solutions that ensure efficiency and better service delivery.

Central Government projects demand creativity and discipline as we work to deliver the best performance and experience for both e-service administrators and end-users, as well as reduce operational costs.

The systems we develop require exceptional attention to security – public services usually involve operations with citizen data, and we are willing to take this responsibility and be held fully accountable for data protection and system safety.

We have the expertise such solutions require, we hold major international certifications and comply with the highest standards. We meet the challenges that Central Government departments and agencies face with initiative and knowledge.


Asserte Suite powered E-Government

Asserte Suite is a Web-Based tool that offers an easy way to design, deliver and manage eServices. It includes eForms, data structures, processes and an integration interface for eService delivering.

Asserte Suite powered State Information Resources Interoperability Platform (SIRIP) is a Lithuanian system created to deliver centralized access to public services. SIRIP is an electronic platform that offers an easy way for Lithuanian public authorities to design, deliver and manage e-services.


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Local Government

We have created productive, long-standing relationships with many local councils and public service administrators over the years. By providing them with user-friendly tools and advanced solutions, we help institutions to adapt to changes in technology and deploy a new approach to service delivery.

Local Government entities face the changing needs of their service users, and have to adapt to ever growing demands to reduce costs and use funds effectively by working in collaboration with other institutions and delivering one-stop-shop services to their citizens.

We address these needs and offer tailored, scalable IT solutions guaranteed to significantly improve service quality, as well as add transparency and control.

Our solution team has a vast experience in public sector and a deep local authority knowledge. We deploy our previous errors and successes in order to find the best fitting solution for a particular council, to help them advance and manage their operations efficiently.

We believe that smart application of available technologies is the key to a next generation, fully digitalized public services, and we are working together with Local Government entities to get to this future faster and less costly.